Daz Loader

Page from 2011
Updated Jan 2014


Daz Loader Version 2.0.0

Is the Daz loader affected by changes made by Microsoft and most importantly those for Windows 7 SP1?

It is interesting that update for Windows 7 (kb967932) that was slated for installation by Windows Update dissapeared in April/May 2011 and now in 2011 it is back.

The re-emergence of Windows SP1

Some of my machines I installed SP1 others I held back and "hid" the updates I was not happy with.

All my Windows 7 machines, both those activated using the Daz Loader and with SP1 installed and those with SP1 hidden are still showing as "Genuine". I have not had any problems with updates failing apart from one machine that SP1 was installed. I have other machines that SP1 has been installed that have had np problems with Windows Updates.

It is my contention that there is no clear connection between SP1 and pirated copies of Windows 7.