How to use DVD43 in Windows 7 and Vista 64 bit operating systems

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General configuration details for Vista 64 and Windows 7 64 bit versions.

There are 2 main methods of running dvd43.exe on a 64 bit computer:

  1. Using VirtualBox - The preferred method (as it is totally free)
  2. XP-Mode in WIndows 7 - if your computer can run it and is Win 7 Prof or Ultimate and you have a computer with Hardware Virtualization.

A third method would be run a virtual copy of XP in a Microsoft Virtual-PC 2007 VM. This method has reported to work on a PC that does not have Hardware Virtualization - However, this has not been confirmed.

DVD43 under a 64 bit o/s
Step-by-Step using VirtualBox

DVD43 will run in a virtual machine configured on a Vista 64 or a Windows 7 64 bit computer. The graphic above shows a Windows 7 XP-Mode setup.

Windows 7 XP-Mode

Windows 7 XP-Mode is 32 bit. It would not make sense for it to be a 64 bit as most legacy applications (the reason for XP-Mode) that need XP-Mode are those that are only compatible with 32 bit operating systems.

Even though you have chosen an Operating System that is 64 bit, so that you can use more than 4G of RAM, you can run a Guest o/s that is 32 bit. This is XP-Mode.

To use DVD43 in the XP-Mode Virtual Machine you first need to configure XP-Mode on your computer. Once you have XP-Mode running these are the instructions for using it with DVD43 to make copies of DVD files and to use other DVD "shrinking" programs such as DVD FIT and 1ClickDVD. As you would in a normal 32 bit o/s you use the programs just as you would there. The only difference is that you have to attach the appropriate drives and make sure that the programs can access them. With DVD43 you will know that the drive is recognized when the smiley face in the task bar of WindowsXP turns green. You will also see the messages that you see in the normal 32 bit use.

BTGuard Immutable VM virtual stack overflow
This shows a Windows 7 VM running DVD43 on a 64 bit Windows 7 computer

Vista 64 and Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit Version

This method is also a totaly free solution, unlike with Windows 7 where you may have to upgrade your hardware and either your operating system version to Professional or above (or download a copy of Windows XP).

You will need to download Sun VirtualBox and a copy of Windows XP (Home or Prof)

Once the XP Virtual Machine has been configured in VirtualBox DVD43 is installed in a similar way as above (the Windows 7 XP-Mode solution).

The configuration and use of DVD43 in a VirtualBox VM is actually easier than with Windows 7. In addition you can run this on a computer that does not support Hardware Virtualization.

Screenshots of this configuration, using Vista 64, can be found on my blog:

You will have found that the "Compatability Mode" settings for Windows 7 and Windows Vista (64 Bit versions) will not allow dvd43.exe to run, regardless of what you select.

DVD43 can be run on a 64 bit o/s very successfully - there is no known version of DVD43 for 64 bit!


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