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Unlocking a Garmin Map Region

Using Garmin Mapsource - unlock and transfer to a GPS

I know that I update my pages on a daily basis but there is no way that this page is going to be updated wrt giving instructions on how to specifically unlock a Mexico map (for example)

So far maps for Europe and Mexico have been unlocked to 5 different Garmin Sat-Nav's. The method used was developed from the posting on and from the notes contained in a p2p download. All GPS units were purchased in North America and had the NA map preloaded.

There may be multiple ways to unlock these maps, and the maps are in more than one format [on your PC and the GPS unit] - these are just my notes on how I did it.

You unlock regions of maps using Mapsource and the unlock code supplied by Garmin (or using the Jetmouse Garmin Unlock Generator - outlined below).

You will need the Map ID (FID) for the map that you want to unlock regions from and transfer to your GPS.

The Unit ID of the GPS unit is needed to generate an unlock key for the region of the map that you want to transfer to the GPS. You cannot unlock a map (as seen and edited on MapSource) for ALL GPS units that you use it to transfer maps and POIs to. This will be the same for a map that was purchased and upgraded for a single GPS and you try and transfer it to another (2nd) GPS. If you have multiple GPS units and you "control" them from a single computer running MapSource you are likely to confuse both yourself and the GPS units you transfer maps to.

If you transfer a region of a map to a GPS that has a map unlocked using the Unit ID from another GPS the map will still be locked on the 2nd unit. You have to make sure that you include the region locks in Mapsource for the new GPS unit before you attempt to transfer the regions to the new GPS.

Map unlocking

The notes on seem to have been the key to my success.
A difference between the Haklabs proceedure and the one that I followed was that I used MapSource to transfer the maps to the GPS (Not MapInstall).

The City Navigator Europe 2009 NT map was chosen for this exercise as it is now 2009. Although there is a 2010 map, but this is presumed to be more an issue of the fact that Garmin are aware of the fact that 2009 maps have been long compromised on p2p sites than it is an issue of providing their users with the most up-to-date maps.

Whether the 2010 maps have 5 digit FIDs is a matter of conjecture. One that will be kept in mind for the future. It is the opinion of the webmaster that $200 per year is a fair price to have an up-to-date GPS and North American map-set (the current GPS units are sold for that price and come with a free [1 year] map and software [firmware] updates). However, $200 is more than acceptable for the planning of a 2 week trip to Europe. The cost of the GPS with North American Maps - the purchase of an additional map for Europe for another $199US seems to be a little steep, considering that it was only going to be used for 10 days and then not used and left to go out of date!

The Map ID for CN Europe 2009 was [???] (thanks Lees Mij)

The Unit ID (10 digits) is obtained using Mapsource with the GPS connected to the computer via USB.

The "unlock code" (25 digits) was generated using JM's KeyGen and pasted into the "Unlock Regions" tab within MapSource. The optional field in the MapSource Dialog was used to indicate that the region unlocked was Ireland (this facilitates the deletion of this lock should the region needs to be transferred to another GPS). In fact, it is probably better to only use a single GPS with a copy of Mapsource on a computer - if you purchase a new GPS you are better off uninstalling MapSource completely and then re-installing it for the new GPS along with the 1 year map update on registering the GPS with Garmin.

At the present time I have 3 maps unlocked in Mapsource - all for a GPS unit that I no longer own. When I obtain the new GPS I will blow-away the install of Mapsource away and start fresh - Taking care to backup the planning files (which I think are maintained in any case as they are stored in My Documents - or Users > YourUser > Documents in Vista and Windows 7)

The 5 digit Map ID unlocker

At the present time I have no cause to require a KeyGen program that will generate unlock codes for 5 digit Map IDs. I do have a copy of such a KeyGen program (JM5Digit.rar), but it is yet to be tested. It is also presumed that the program contained in the rar file jmkg15.rar is the regular 3 digit (or maybe 4 as well) KeyGenerator. All Key Generators are backed-up on my private intranet.

Both versions of the KeyGen program are labled Version 1.5 and of the copies that I have one accepts 4 digits and the other 5.


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