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My pages relating to the use of get_iplayer and the future development thereof are primed for restricted access

Unless stated otherwise - get_iplayer is still working for me (this was the case 11 Aug 2011)

Page from 2011
Aug 2015

get_iPlayer for Windows 7

get_iplayer.exe is a seperate downloading program (from the BBC iPlayer download facility) and can be used to download BBC TV and Radio DRM free and not time-limited.


Since the Po-Ru ipdl.exe broke late in 2010 I have been using Phil Lewis's get_iplayer to download BBC TV and radio (a fork by David Woodhouse, . Due to the changes that the BBC instituted to make iPlayer compatible with Apples iOS4 I have found a few "work-arounds", these are described on this website.

While I am still open to questions on the use of get_iplayer I have moved the content to a local area so that I can access it should I need to see what I had posted previously.

Based on an earlier work published on Linuxcentre - downloaded from David Woodhouse's in December 2010 now used with a few modifications to the get_iplayer process using a different version of FLVstreamer (a January 2011 build that supports RTMPE type 9 handshakes.)